Jose (49), Aleberta (26), Brenda (25), Paulina (19), Alessia (16), Lucerena (13) Jose worked in a factory for years until he became very sick most likely due to chemicals from the factory. Jose became paralyzed from the waist down 13 years ago and suffers from epilepsy. He is also starting to lose function in his hands from arthritis but exercises them every day in attempts to keep his strength. His wife left him, so Paulina, the oldest daughter living in the house takes care of her father. Paulina was going to school for nursing, but she had to quit so she could take care of her father. She would like to go back to school one day. Alessia, the next oldest daughter living in the home also takes care of her father whenever she can, and she hopes to become a police officer. Jose is a wonderful and loving father who wants nothing more than to be able to care for and protect his daughters. His biggest hope for his daughters is that the Lord provides his daughters good husbands and for them to be happy. Prayer requests: that the Lord will heal him, so he can take care of his daughters because he knows the Lord can do so.