Caring Hearts is empowering, loving and serving
the People of San Luis R.C. Mexico and Nashville, TN

Caring Hearts Ministry

The Problem

In Mexico, the average annual income is $10,000, and 44.2% of people are living in poverty. The people are suffering from food insecurity and a lack of access to clean water and electricity. Many homes are unstable, often consisting of dirt floors and scrap wood or cardboard walls, and lack basic necessities such as a bathroom or a bed for every person to sleep in.

We learned about this issue in a third world country, and our eyes were opened to the fact that many people right here in the USA are living without access to adequate food and education as well.

Our Solution

Caring Hearts responds to that need through ministries that are run by local leaders and addresses all aspects of poverty and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing

The mission of Caring Hearts is to be passionately committed to delivering hope and empowering positive life change in vulnerable populations in Mexico and elsewhere through feeding the hungry, educating the forgotten, providing shelter and comfort to the abandoned and orphaned, rehabilitation for the addicted, help for the sick and the powerless with a demonstration of love to the poor and hurting.


Children need clean water, food, shelter, education, and love. 

When you donate, your dollar makes an impact that stretches through generations. $15 feeds 5 children at the soup kitchen for a week. Please join with us and give.

Give Hope

We cannot win the fight for this community alone.

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