An overview of who we are and what we do at Caring Hearts Ministry.
Everything you need to know about your trip with Caring Hearts Ministry.
Learn more about where you will stay and how to best interact with the boys at Oasis.
Your trip coordinator will provide you with a personalized budget sheet.
Caring Hearts Ministry Trip Reminders
Everything you’ll need to know to successfully plan and lead your trip.
We want to help you remember everything you will need for your trip!
A basic grocery list for planning purposes.
Print and complete both halves to aid with border crossing.

Please complete each of these steps prior to your trip.

Plan out your delicious Mexican Menu!

Please have each member of your team complete this application form.

Each member of the team must complete the Participant Waiver.

Please print, complete, scan and email back for each minor traveling without a parent.
Make the most of your trip by walking through it with God.