House of Grace – Senior Home

In Mexico, it is customary for generations of families to stay very closely connected, with older family members often living within the same household, being supported by their children. However, with rising inflation and poverty rates, some families are finding it difficult to continue supporting their family members, causing some to put their loved ones out on the streets.

Founded in October 2022, after realizing this had become an issue and recognizing the need, Pastor Cesar Wilfrano answered God’s call by opening the House of Grace Senior Home in Luis B. Sanchez, Mexico. This home is to be a place of hope, joy and purpose for the individuals that had once been abandoned and/or neglected by their family.

To date, we have been able to support approximately 13 individuals. Each of them entered the home feeling desperate, lonely, hopeless, and defeated. But as they experience the love of Jesus and receive the care and support they deserve, their faith and hope are being restored!

Caring Hearts Ministry supports House of Grace with weekly groceries, financial and prayer support, as well as spiritual support for Pastor Wilfrano and his staff. We also take American teams to visit with the residents, helping to bolster their faith through fellowship and prayer.