Sponsorship is a journey that is rewarding, life-changing, heartbreaking, and hope-sharing. The boys at Oasis Boys Home come from tough backgrounds. Many of the boys don't have living parents or come from families where their parents are unable to provide them with the necessary support and love they need. Oasis Boys Home, a ministry of Caring Hearts Mexico, provides the boys with a home, loving, spiritual mentors, education, and access to medical care.

The goal of the sponsorship program is to create a relationship between you, the sponsor, and one of the Oasis boys that provides them with support relationally and financially. Every month, your donation will help cover the cost of the boy to live at Oasis. The donation goes into a fund for the overall budget of keeping the Oasis Boys Home running. The second half of your sponsorship is to write your child letters, forming a relationship and bond that is Christ-centered, positive, and life-giving.