Virtual Experience

Virtual Experience

Welcome to the Caring Hearts Ministry Virtual Experience

As you walk through the next few days, you will get a taste of the work being done in San Luis, Mexico. You will see a new perspective on life and get to hear real stories from people overcoming challenges in another country.  

Please be open to a few things

  • Let your heart be open to compassion
  • Be open to letting that compassion lead you to action
  • Ask questions

It is our prayer at Caring Hearts that this virtual experience is something that sparks a new hope and passion in you to be a part of the mission alongside us to love the world God has given us, and the people in it.  It is our prayer that, by understanding the value of the work we do in Mexico, you will be inspired to do the same kind of work in your own community.  

How does this work?

Click open the folder for the day of your experience (1, 2, or 3). 
For each day you will see:

  1. An introduction to the day’s theme 
  2. A video from Mexico
  3. A devotional

At the end of each day, talk through what you’ve seen and heard with others, and invite them to share what they learned, too. Write down notes, share your key takeaways, and make a plan to apply what you’ve learned in your community at home. 

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