Luis B Sanchez Daycare Center

Luis B Sanchez is a neighboring community to San Luis. Due to its proximity to the rural, farmland in the area, many of the inhabitants work long, arduous hours as day laborers in the fields, for very little money. Many of these families cannot afford to pay for childcare, leaving them no other choice than to leave their young children to fend for themselves or send them to stay with others, who sadly often take advantage of them.

In November 2022, God revealed this issue to the daughter of Pastor Cesar Wilfrano, the founder of the Senior Living Facility. In response, they opened the daycare center at the same time as the House of Grace. The two work in tandem with each other, sharing the same building and resources. It is wonderful to see the different generations growing in faith together.

The daycare center provides as many as 30 children with a safe, loving and supportive environment, where they are fed, educated and shown the love of Jesus, all free of charge to the families. These children are thriving both physically and spiritually in ways that wouldn’t be possible without the support of the center and the loving staff that works with them.

Caring Hearts Ministry supports the daycare center with weekly groceries, financial and prayer support, as well as spiritual support for the staff. We also take American teams to visit with the children, play games with them, pray for them, and love on them as Jesus does!