Virtual Experience Day 1

Day 1

Caring Hearts Virtual Experience Devotional

“God is Faithful”

– By Jillan Spencer

John 14:18  “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” 

God is faithful! He promises to never forsake us. In hopeless situations, it can be hard to see God at work. For example, at the orphanages in San Luis, the children there have found themselves in places that lack the resources needed to improve their lives.  But God promises to take care of orphans, and to take care of all of His children.   Often, He uses us to do that for each other. He calls us to love those who suffer and to shield people from abuse. 

As you see people hurting in the world around you, be open to listening and observing how God wants you to love each person. Today as we think about orphans, we remember the boys at Oasis and the girls at the Girls’ Home have all experienced complex trauma.  We have learned that is crucial to be patient, compassionate, understanding, and observant when interacting and showing love to these kids, who often lack the ability to trust or to understand what real love actually looks like.  We are fortunate to know how much God loves all of us, and it is important for the kids of San Luis, and everywhere, to also know–and really believe in–that love and care, as well.

 Questions to Answer: 

How can you show a child the love of God through your actions?

Just like love languages, each child has different needs. How can you love them best despite their differences? Think of a child or person in your life who is hard to love.  What do they need? How can you show them God’s faithful and steadfast love?

You, too, are God’s child.  When you feel upset, frustrated, abandoned, hurt or confused, remember you have a perfect Father ready to love you in the most perfect way.  What do you need from God today? Who can you trust to help you in challenging times?

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