A Truck- What that really means.

Monday January 25, 2021

When you think of a truck, that might bring back memories of home, your favorite country song, etc. But for others, a truck means access to a roof over their head.

Caring Hearts has been able to provide ministry through construction to countless lives throughout the 30 years we have been in San Luis. I will never forget the story of Frederico. Frederico was a father of many children, and a grandfather. His family suffered for many years, watching cancer in his face eat away at the skin on his cheeks, eyes, and head. Their family was so strong together, providing for him as best they could. They were living in a one bedroom house, with at times 5 people on one mattress. Frederico prayed for many years for another room for his family. Years later, Frederico’s health was declining tremendously, and we knew there was not much time left. A team of people from the United States worked passionately about raising funds and finding team members to come down and build the room. The day the team arrived, Frederico passed away. The team was there that week, building a new room for them. In this tragic time of heartbreak, the new room stood as hope.

This is just one example. Each day as the sun rose, a team of volunteers came with love, energy, and passion, working, nailing, digging, painting and building for this family.

Although there are probably near a hundred stories like this in San Luis from the work projects over the years, there is a common denominator that is crucial. A flatbed, red truck that has carried the materials to each and every home. The truck is now older than even some of our staff at Caring Hearts. The truck breaks down, causing delays in the work projects with teams with limited time restraints on their trips to Mexico. This is devastating for families waiting for their roof, kitchen, and home.

We are raising $14,000 in 2021 towards a new truck. This new truck means more families in hardship with hope. It means children with a roof over their head. It means mothers with cancer are able to have space for more than one mattress. It means safety.

Please consider giving to Caring Hearts towards this project.

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