Past Projects

The Viviana Medina Project

​The Viviana Medina family was in need of a new roof and with secondary needs of windows and doors. Learn more about the project here! 

The Maricela Yanes Project

Meet the Yanes family! A family of 6, 3 children and 3 adults. They were in need of a new roof. Click here to learn more about the project! 

The Gonzalez and Castro Project

The Gonzalez and Castro is a large family of 7. There are 3 adults and 4 children. They were in need of a new roof and a new room for their oldest daughter. Click here to learn more about the project!

The Armando Alvarado Project

The Alvardado family is a family of 5, a single father and 4 children. They were in need of a new roof. Check out the finished project here!

The Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen

​A place where children within the community can get breakfast every
day, Monday through Saturday. They also offer help academically. Learn more about the project here!

The Jammy Martinez Project

Meet Jammy, she had been suffering from colon cancer and was taking care of her 3 children. The task was to build an additional bedroom so the 4 occupants wouldn’t have to share a single room anymore. The day the team arrived, Jammy passed away from cancer. The volunteers spent time with the kids and the family as they worked on the home, and we can see how God put us there during that difficult time to remind them they are not alone, and to bring joy to the kids while the father mourns. Read more about how the Heartland Church Team helped here.