Current Projects Underway

WHAT KIND OF WORK WILL WE DO? ​Is the #1 question when taking a trip with us. This page lists all of our most current projects that are underway that we will need assistance with when you come to San Luis with us. 

​PROJECT 1 – Ramona

Meet Ramona, she has been attending Caring Hearts church for many years. A few years ago she had stomach issues and other health related issues. She is currently in need of a fence around her home. Learn more about the project here.​

PROJECT 2 – Oasis Boys Home

Our Oasis Boys Home is where we provide a home to adolescents between the age of 12 and 18. They are in need for several different changes around the house and we need your help! Learn more about the Oasis project needs here.​

PROJECT 3 – Graciela Gonzales

Meet Graciela. Her and her husband Ernesto have been with the CHM family for years. Her husband past away in 2019 leaving her in need of our help. Read more about how you can be a part of her journey.
*Adopted by: Christian Heritage Team set to complete 09/2019

PROJECT 4 – Federico Ochoa

The Ochoa family is a unit of 6. They are currently in need of an extension to their home. Learn more about the family and their needs here.
*Adopted by: Christian Heritage Team set to complete 09/2019

PROJECT 5 –  Beatriz and Abraham

Meet Beatriz, a single mother raising, Abraham, her 13 year old son. She is in need of a small room so she can sell things to make her living. Learn more about Beatriz and Abraham here.
completion by Grace UMC January 2020

PROJECT 6 – Paola Alvarado and Dionicio Rivera

Meet the Alvarado and Rivera family, they have a long history with CHM and they are one of our families in need of making additions to their home. Learn more about their needs here.
*Adopted by Monroeville Team

PROJECT 7- Erika

Meet Erika, a single mother of 4. They are currently in need of a bathroom in their home. Read more about the family and how you can help here.

PROJECT 8-  Jesus Lizarrga

Jesus is one of our shut-in families, who has diabetes he cannot control very well due to lack of income and also has large ulcers on his feet. Jesus is in current need of a bathroom. Learn more about his story here. 
*Adopted by: Nashville Team set to complete 08/2019