Jesus (64), Rosalva (60), Jesus (36), Claudia (13), Esmerelda (4) Jesus has colon cancer and gastritis. A stroke has left him unable to walk and unable to use his left arm. His wife, Rosalva, works at the Oasis Boys Home as a cook and takes care of her husband. Their son, Jesus, and his two daughters, Claudia and Esmerelda, live with them. Her son struggles with addiction and his wife left, so Rosalva primarily takes care of her two granddaughters. Claudia attends ninth grade and wants to one day become an accountant. Esmerelda has such a light of hope inside of her making friends with everyone who meets her. Rosalva has some health issues of her own and takes medicine for her heart. Caring Hearts provides assistance by paying for their gas and medicine. We are looking to help this family finish their home as well with a work project from a team.