Trip Leaders Tools

Our goal is for this site to be a resource for new and returning missions trip group leaders. This will not replace the guidance of experienced leadership, but is intended to be a place for us to share ideas, resources and tools in planning your next successful trip!


One Year Out

  1. Email the Missionary Ambassador, Natalie, to schedule a trip:​​
  2. Review available dates & select a date for your trip
  3. Determine your cost per missionary
  4. Begin advertising to your group about the trip opportunity
  5. ​Check out the CHM Fundraising Tip Sheet

Eight Months

  1. Finalize your missionary team
  2. Collect deposits from your team
  3. Distribute the ApplicationAssumption of Risk, and Child Release Form (if under 18)
  4. Establish team schedules: meetings, funds raising
  5. Secure Air Transportation
  6. Pick a trip theme or verse

Six Months

  1. Send out sponsorship and support letters. 
  2. Secure Van Rental
  3. Submit all forms (Application, Assumption of Risk, Child Release) to Caring Hearts

One Month

  1. Finalize Schedule with Mexico Coordinator (stay flexible)
  2. Send each team member their balance owed on the trip.

One Week

  1. Have final meeting with your team, sharing the schedule, and reminding them of trip do’s & donts.
  2. Collect final payments. 
  3. Ask your friends, family and church to join you in prayer and fasting in preparation for what God has for your team while in Mexico